You can place your nomination for the Business Awards online simply by filling out the form below. All nominations will be counted if all details are filled in correctly, so please ensure you have filled in your form completely.

Online Nomination Form

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Categroy 1: Customer Service Award:

Professional Services CSARetail Services CSATrade Services CSA
Outstanding in:
CourtesyPersonal PresentationProduct KnowledgeCustomer and Market Focus
Category 2: Business Awards:
Professional Service BARetail Services BATrade Services BA
Category 3: Visitor Experience of the Year Award:
Outstanding in:
Excellence in Tourism Hospitality VEExcellence in Toursim Accommodation VEExcellence in Tourism Attractions and Festivals VE
Category 4: Best New Business Award (Under 2 Years' Operation):
Outstanding in:
Shows Willingness to Exceed Expectations BNBAdopts Good Business Practice BNBDisplays Potential Growth and Success BNBReflects a Positive Business Attitude BNB
Category 5: Best Marketing/Advertising Campaign Award (Last 2 Years):
Creative BMACEffective BMACMemorable BMAC
Category 6: Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Minimum of 1 Year in Operation):
Product Innovation EYService Innovation EYDelivery Innovation EY
Category 7: Apprentice/Trainee of the Year Award:
Training Achievement ATYWork Performance ATYWork Attitude ATYWork Relations ATY
Category 8: GV Healthy Workplace of the Year Award:
Physical Activities GVHHealth and Wellbeing GVHMental Health GVH
Category 9: Young Professional of the Year Award:
Outstanding Service YPYPromotion/Promoting YPYCommunity Engagement YPY